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Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

This year as I read cards arriving daily at our home, the same phrase is repeated over and over... 2020 has been a year we will never forget...

So many things have changed in the last 8 months its hard to remember how things were before at times. Thankfully we have had extra time with our family and plenty of work to keep us busy. For these 2 blessings, we are grateful!

Here is a brief update on our family:

Open to change as Show Choir as well as all other school events went to wearing masks. Homecoming consisted of an outdoor jam session at a friend's house. School temporarily went online for a few weeks but Senior pictures are complete and plans for celebrating graduation in the spring are under way. 18 looks good on her.

Likes to hang out with her friends virtually or in person when possible. She is glad to be going to school in person at the moment and has an internship in the afternoons as part of a "School to Work" program.

Is planning to major in marketing next year and attend NW Missouri State University - Go Bear Cats! Currently interviewing roommates :)

Very blessed to have horses to ride and care for during all her time at home. She has learned a lot as she helped to train her half of an Arabian/Andalusian filly. At times, her half seems like the back half ;) a helmet was a must! Olivia loved her time at camp this summer as a Wrangler and has enjoyed staying connected with her camp friends this year.

Is employed at a local steak house, improving her phone and people managing skills, as a hostess. Her time as a wrangler at camp has come in handy at times. We have yet to cash in on her discount but are looking forward to it.

Always ready to play cards, games, spending time at camp, dance it out in the living room, going out to eat and riding horses with friends.

Always has something to share - her sister has an entire list of things only Asha would say. I think Olivia is planning to reveal some of these gems at major life events down the road, as only a loving sister would.

She is passionate about perfecting the "vibe" of her bedroom. Right now she is planning to paint her dresser forest green and create art for her walls. Olivia has commissioned Asha to design her room at our next house. (more on that later)

Has a job doing chores at the barn where she boards her horses. She is getting pretty fast at mucking stalls and is hoping for a mild winter :) She keeps busy training her half of Sweet Caroline (a spicy Arabian/Andalusian filly) and riding her horse Prayer, a red roan. Prayer is expecting a foal in the spring.

Always ready to create something in the kitchen - today it was grandma's blueberry coffee cake. Is a fan of the Great British Bake Off. Currently taking a Culinary class at school and is perfecting her biscuit recipe. As my dad said, Asha is way ahead of where Lisa was in the kitchen at 16 ;)

Loving our new driveway and landscaping that consumed a lot of our free time this fall - and our awesome neighbors who helped us tie rebar until 10 pm the night before 7 concrete trucks showed up to make my driveway dreams come true.

Into my 12th year as part of Dreams 2 Reality. It has been a year of new friendships and transformations for our clients. I get to watch entire homes transformed to meet the needs of the families we serve. We are grateful that we have stayed busy and were able to add a hunting cabin to our list of projects :) Of course, I could not do it without the skills of my general contractor :)

Sit ups, pull ups, burpees, dead lifts and squat cleans are part of my routine, as well as some sore muscles :)

Always ready to spend time with family and friends - Friday night socials with our neighbors and time with family when possible. Attended the wedding of our flower girl this fall and enjoyed catching up with aunts, uncles and cousins in Wichita. Zoom calls with friends across the country kept things fun during lock down. When not working, I can be found reading, trying a new recipe or hanging out with Ruby - our Boxer.

Ready for a challenge anytime - need a hole cut in your concrete foundation? Prep a driveway for the concrete crew? Teach the youth group how to grill an amazing steak? Teach the girls how to keep track of their finances? Go on a college visit? Help with making a telephone pole bridge across a creek? .... Challenge accepted!

On his 12th year as part of Dreams 2 Reality. As the one in charge of making it happen, his days are always varied. Client design meetings with his wife :), trade walk-thru with sub contractors, bidding, job site prep, excavation, demo, checking on projects where our sub contractors are working and hardware installation are all in his job description.

Best traits: his laugh is infectious, challenges us to try new things, enjoys cooking and grilling with his wife, can fix most anything that is wrong with our house :) and is a great dancer!

Relocating in the spring! We were not planning to move, but the opportunity for a larger shop was too good to pass up. We will reveal more details when it is official :) If you know anyone who is looking for an acreage in Urbandale, let us know.

Up and recovered from you know what....

Became the favorite neighbors when we gave horse rides in our front yard this summer :)

Stole some family time watching the girls show their horses at the Warren County Fairgrounds. It was fun to see how far they and their horses have come in the last few years - thanks to our trainer, of course.

Awaiting the time when we can host friends and family again :) Stay tuned for Graduation Celebration details :)

Making plans for our next move and renovation ;)

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Although nothing seems to be the same this year, knowing the God of the universe sent his Son to save us continues to give me hope.

May your Christmas be filled with this hope, joy and thankfulness.

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