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Dreams 2 Reality offers high quality custom design services with a focus on renovating existing homes and custom home design.


Have you ever walked into a home and felt something is distinctively different? Maybe the word to describe it is cozy, contemporary, classic, warm, soothing or creative. These are words that clients have used to describe the spaces they desire in their homes. Part of the goal of the design process provided by Dreams 2 Reality is to help you, the homeowner achieve your “words” when you create the space you live in.

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Lisa provides the design services here at Dreams 2 Reality. She has a degree in Architecture from Iowa State University and enjoys “dreaming” with our clients. She has worked on a variety of projects ranging from homes to commercial construction. Currently, most of her work is renovating existing homes and custom home design.

Some of her recent projects include decks, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, entire home remodels, curb appeal consultations, detached garages and custom home design.

With over 20 years of experience in the profession she brings the ability to design a solution for you that is attractive, functional and within budget.

When asked why she enjoys her job she replied:

“The name ‘Dreams2Reality’ tells a little about the reason I like my job so much. I get to listen to people’s dreams, help them to articulate what their space will look and feel like and how it will function and eventually get to experience the finished product with them. It is very rewarding!

Design: Services



Many think that professional design services are not in their budget. Not true. In most cases, the design fee for a project is very small compared to the total cost of the project. Another reason to use our professional services is to save money.

By making all of your decisions before the project begins and having the drawings complete, many problems will be solved before the first day of construction. This saves you time and money during the construction process. We like to say that the money spent in design fees is saved during the construction phase of the project. Examples of this are in the form of more accurate bids, fewer questions in the field, correct method of construction and a visual target that the owner and contractor can focus on during the process. Our architectural design services add incredible value to your project without taking up an “incredible” amount of your budget.


There are quite a few details that affect many decisions in the design process that owners may not be aware of. These include egress requirements, waterproofing methods that keep your new investment dry on the inside, required methods of construction and setbacks that tell you where you can build on your property. We take care of all these details.


We provide a set of drawings that the city requires before construction can begin. They include floor plans, roof plan, exterior elevations, wall sections and a site plan.


The use of CAD (computer aided design) makes it possible to draw a set of plans in an efficient and cost effective manner. Your project can be seen in 3 dimensions, too.


A complete set of documents will help you to get a more accurate bid and help the construction phase to go a lot smoother because all of the decisions that have been made in advance.


As Lisa develops a solution for your project she is aware of many different aspects that need to be considered. These range from budget, interior flow of the plan, maximizing storage, scale of the rooms, and style of windows to how much room there is to move around in the kitchen. All of these factors and many more come together to give owners a sense of comfort, pride and joy in sharing it with others, not to mention adding value to their project.

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