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What Can I Expect?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I am often asked about how we work with our clients. So I summarized our process for most projects for you....

Discovery Meeting

This is a time where we meet at your home, to discuss your project, get to know more about each other and talk about your ideas and maybe some of ours too.

Design Proposal

I will send a Design Proposal to you. The services covered include:

1. Schematic design process

2. Drawings you will need to get an accurate bid and a building permit.

3. If you are adding on to your home or building a custom home it will also include a 3-dimensional model to show you what your home will look like after our project is complete.

Schematic Design

After the decision has been made to work with us, Rob and I start to gather information about the existing or future home. This includes measuring, taking photos or visiting the site of your future home.

I start with the plan. There are questions about how your family functions on a daily basis. What parts of your home are used daily, weekly or yearly. The answers help us to zero in on what space is needed and what rooms could be repurposed. Usually there are 2 or 3 options that we discuss. After we finalize the plan we move on to the exterior look and feel.

The Existing Plan

We can meet face to face to discuss changes or online. During the online meeting I will share my screen with you to make sure you understand the design and I understand any changes you have requested.

After we finalize the plan we move on to the exterior look and feel. There are discussions about materials, maintenance required and appropriate details for the style of your home.

What do you do when there is a deck and a hot tub on top of your garage? In the case of this house we got rid of the deck and added a Master Suite in its place.

This house needs some tender loving care. The siding is in poor condition and the roof of the Garage in leaking. So along with the addition we are updating the outside with new windows, board and batten siding, Carerra (a stucco like product) and ipe wood horizontal planking.

Construction Documents

Once the plan and the exterior look are finalized, construction documents are started. We will provide everything needed to obtain a building permit from the local code officials.

The Kitchen is now open to the rest of the main living area. The Roof Deck has become the Master Suite.

These drawings are also required to obtain an accurate bid.

The details are researched and designed so there are minimal surprises during demolition and construction. Sometimes this requires a little detective work. Rob has been know to cut a hole in a wall to verify the location of plumbing pipes, heating ducts and structural members to confirm our design will work. (its usually a small hole)

Bidding Phase

This is when Rob schedules a trade walk-thu. Because renovations can be tricky, we want our subcontractors to see your home before they give us a bid for their services. This is also a way for us to make sure we did not miss potential problems.

During this time we meet to select interior finishes, plumbing fixtures and light fixtures.

Using a combination of our subcontractor bids, material pricing and knowledge from previous projects a final cost for the project is submitted to you along with the Scope. The Scope is the document that lists all of the items included and work that will be done on your home.

When you decide to move forward with us, we begin the process of turning your dreams into reality by ordering materials and scheduling trades.

Are you ready to transform your home? We would love to discuss the dreams you have for your biggest investment.

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